Dear Sam

George Samuel Kirk Jr. was the oldest and only sibling of James T. Kirk. Fans of the Years of the Enterprise 1701 and 1701A know what happened to him. What they didn't know was why James Kirk and his friends took the older Kirk's death relatively calmly. The Kirk brothers were intensely close and "Sam's" death caused James Kirk unbelievable pain, which he dealt with in his own way. These letters were delivered to Starfleet after the disappearance of Ambassador Spock 82 years after the loss of James Kirk into the Nexus, and one year after Kirk's final death. Ambassador Spock has never been found, and we suspect he never will be.

As a historian, I am still unsure about many of the references found in these letters. Some of the same curious references cropped up in Ambassador Spock's and Admiral McCoy's personal logs. As you will discover, these letters cast some doubt onto the true identity of Admiral/Captain Kirk. These letters and the Logs also hint at a conspiracy that has spanned generations, on both Vulcan...and Earth. I have researched the data assiduously and I have not found a single iota of evidence to support the conclusions and data discussed in many of these letters. At this time, I have no further comment. I will let the Letters and the Logs speak for themselves.


Dear Sam No. 1, [PG13], Stardate 1528 Mom always liked me best.
Dear Sam No. 2 , [PG13], Stardate 1540 After the Orion Captain.
Dear Sam No. 3, [PG13], Stardate 1670.5 The Captain referees the fight.
Dear Sam No. 4, [PG13], Stardate 1679.5 The Enemy Within.
Dear Sam No. 5 , [PG13], Stardate 1688 The Khoi.
Dear Sam No. 6, [PG13], Stardate 1692 Spock confuses me.
Dear Sam No. 7, [PG13], Stardate 1703 PSI 2000
Dear Sam No. 8, [PG13], Stardate 1714 Terror is the Balance
Dear Sam No. 9, [PG13], Stardate 1728 Cerate
Dear Sam No. 10, [PG13], Stardate 1730 Kirk calms down
Dear Sam No. 11, [PG13], Stardate 1743 It will be okay
Dear Sam No. 12, [PG13], Stardate 1757 Memories and drills
Dear Sam No. 13, [PG13],The planet Rain and voices in his head
Dear Sam No. 14, [PG13],Dreams of My Ancestors
Dear Sam No. 15, [PG13],Charon
Dear Sam No. 16, [PG13], Kirk plans a shoreleave with McCoy
Dear Sam No. 17, [PG13],Kirk has to pick up an Ambassador
Dear Sam No. 18, [PG13],The Ambassador is more than Jim planned for
Dear Sam No. 19, [PG13],Jim tells Sam about the test
Dear Sam No. 20, [PG13],Kirk discusses power
Dear Sam No. 21, [PG13],Jim talks about his Shoreleave
Dear Sam No. 22, [PG13],Jim confesses?
Dear Sam No. 23, [PG13],A tragedy and a loss
Dear Sam No. 24, [PG13],A story of a DRAGON
Dear Sam No. 25, [PG13],What cost to kill a man?
Dear Sam No. 26, [PG13],The Enterprise has a surprisenew
Dear Sam No. 27, [PG13],Kirk talks about Roger Corby.
Dear Sam No. 28, [PG13],The Enterprise takes time to explore a new world
Dear Sam No. 29, [PG13],Kirk discusses his adventure. new

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