Spock's Logs

These are the stories of the spurts of growth and the emotional battles of a brilliant, but uniquely flawed individual. He was a victim of Vulcan, Human, maternal and paternal expectations, but worst of all, he was his own harshest critic. He grew, but it took time and much effort. He began in a state of denial. He denied his humanity, his weaknesses, and his needs. He found friendship, acceptance, and finally love that transcended all of his fears and feelings of inadequacies. Last, but certainly not least, it is obvious from these Logs that in the end, he learned to love himself.


Spock's Log No.1, [PG13], Stardate 1640.3 My Mother's Heartbeat.
Spock's Log No.2, [PG13], Stardate 1680.1 The Enemy Within.
Spock's Log No.3, [PG13], Stardate 1685 Blood, Khoi, and Friendship.
Spock's Log No.4, [PG13], Stardate 1690 I did as I said I would.
Spock's Log No.5, [PG13], Stardate 1701.2 The Naked Time.
Spock's Log No.6, [PG13], Stardate 1711.3 The Balance of Terror.
Spock's Log No.7, [PG13], Stardate 1733.2 The aftermath of Cerate
Spock's Log No.8, [PG13], Stardate 1756 Spock is content
Spock's Log No.9, [PG13],Spock remembers a family wedding
Spock's Log No.10, [PG13],Spock discusses the events on the world known as Rain
Spock's Log No.11, [PG13],Spock remembers and waits for his Captain's return from Charon
Spock's Log No.12, [PG13],Spock deals with his anger with McCoy
Spock's Log No.13, [PG13],Spock wished to learn more about friendship
Spock's Log No.14, [PG13],Spock discusses his new understanding of the crew
Spock's Log No.15, [PG13], Spock discusses Kirk and McCoy's Shoreleave
Spock's Log No.16, [PG13], Spock discusses his encounter with the Ambassador
Spock's Log No.17, [PG13],When logic does not suffice
Spock's Log No.18, [PG13],Prof. Gill and the aftermath
Spock's Log No.19, [PG13],Roger Corby
Spock's Log No.20, [PG13],The Away team goes missing
Spock's Log No.21, [PG13],All Changed-the sequel to Doctor's Log 37
Spock's Log No.22, [PG13],Spock Makes a Choice
Spock's Log No.23, [PG13],Spock and the Song
Spock's Log No.24, [PG13],Spock faces the music
Spock's Log No.25, [PG13],Pending


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